A deformation of instanton homology for webs

The four color theorem from graph theory is certainly the most famous problem for which so far only a brute force computational proof exists. A new preprint of Kronheimer-Mrowka supports an approach towards this theorem via homology theories. Kronheimer. Mrowka: A deformation of instanton homology for webs, https://arxiv.org/pdf/1710.05002.pdf The four color theorem says that every … Continue reading "A deformation of instanton homology for webs"

Gauß in Regensburg

The German Mathematical Society (DMV) offers twice a year the „Gauß Lecture“, an overview lecture with a well-known mathematician. The lecture is intended to show current developments in mathematics and addresses the interested public. At this link is the chronicle of previous lectures. The last of this years lectures has been given by Cédric Villani at … Continue reading "Gauß in Regensburg"

What’s hot at mathoverflow 20/17

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