Strong cosmic censorship conjecture

The cosmic censorship conjectures concern the singularities arising in general relativity. In May the QuantaMagazine published an article (link) about a potential disproof of a strong version of the cosmic censorship conjecture. This article is nicely written and I recommend everybody interested in general relativity reading it. The preprint the QuantaMagazine refers to is arXiv:1710.01722 … Continue reading "Strong cosmic censorship conjecture"

Mathematik in der Blütezeit des Islam

Die Wikipedia veranstaltet jährlich einen Schreibwettbewerb (link). Es gibt jeweils einen Jurypreis und einen Publikumspreis, und dieses Jahr ging der Publikumspreis an einen mathematischen Artikel: Mathematik in der Blütezeit des Islam. Ein paar mehr Infos gibt es auch in diesem ScienceBlog: link.

Snowflakes at infinity

The countless shapes of snowflakes have long raised the curiosity of many scientists, among others the famous Kepler. They have by now been classified by empirical observation into 80 different shapes, but a mathematical explanation for this classification seems to be missing. A striking point about them is that, even though two snowflakes are almost … Continue reading "Snowflakes at infinity"

Gauß in Regensburg

The German Mathematical Society (DMV) offers twice a year the „Gauß Lecture“, an overview lecture with a well-known mathematician. The lecture is intended to show current developments in mathematics and addresses the interested public. At this link is the chronicle of previous lectures. The last of this years lectures has been given by Cédric Villani at … Continue reading "Gauß in Regensburg"