Snowflakes at infinity

The countless shapes of snowflakes have long raised the curiosity of many scientists, among others the famous Kepler. They have by now been classified by empirical observation into 80 different shapes, but a mathematical explanation for this classification seems to be missing. A striking point about them is that, even though two snowflakes are almost … Continue reading "Snowflakes at infinity"

S-matrices and the big unification

A week ago, the long-awaited preprint Scattering Forms and the Positive Geometry of Kinematics, Color and the Worldsheet by Arkani-Hamed, Bai, He, and Yan, appeared on the ArXiv. Michael Rios and David Chester in two videos try to explain the essence of the new work and, for example, the compatibility with Garrett Lise’s E8 theory. … Continue reading "S-matrices and the big unification"