Slides and Pictures from the Kickoff Meeting

Listening to 33 math talks within 2 times 6 hours is certainly a unique experience. If you missed the event, you may enjoy the slides of the talks: All Slides for Download

Some pictures from the event:

Opening words by Bernhard Hanke

Parabolic groups in different contexts (Dawid Kielak)

Approximations of \({\mathbb Z}\oplus{\mathbb Z}\) (Vadim Alekseev)

Degenerations of Hitchin representations (Daniele Alessandrini)

Margulis spacetimes (Sourav Ghosh)

Degeneration of solutions of Hitchin’s equation (Jan Swoboda)

Mean curvature flow (Wolfgang Maurer)

Candidates for critical points of the Willmore functional (Lynn Heller)

The most complicated Sobolev spaces were presented by Nikolaos Roidos

Wolfram Bauer explains subriemannian geometry with a falling cat always remaining horizontal