Instability of Anti-de Sitter Space-Time

A recent article in the QuantaMagazine (link) discusses a paper of Georgios Moschidis (arXiv:1812.04268) who proved instability of Anti-de Sitter space-time for a certain Einstein-matter system. Recall that the Anti-de Sitter space-time is the maximally symmetric solution of the vacuum Einstein equations in the presence of a negative cosmological constant. One can attach a boundary-at-infinity to Anti-de Sitter … Continue reading "Instability of Anti-de Sitter Space-Time"

Lindelöf hypothesis

Today I stumbled across a news article ( link ) written about someone (actually, Athanassios Fokas – a known mathematician) having announced progress on the Lindelöf hypothesis ( wikipedia ). The Lindelöf hypothesis is related to the Riemannian hypothesis and actually also follows from it – progress on the Lindelöf hypothesis would also mean progress … Continue reading "Lindelöf hypothesis"

Multiplying integers

The classical algorithm, that everyone knows from elementary school, for multiplying two n-digit integers runs in \(O(n^2)\)-time. Recently, there was a preprint posted on HAL (link) in which the authors provide an algorithm which runs in \(O(n\log(n))\)-time. A nice article about this discovery may be found at the QuantaMagazine: link. Further, it was also recently proven in another preprint … Continue reading "Multiplying integers"


Spiegel Online reports today (Escher in 3D) on work of Alexander Gürten from the contest Math Creations. It is about bulls tesselating Euclidean space. Have a look at the linked video: