Bavarian Geometry/Topology Meeting

These days, there was the 2nd Bavarian Geometry/Topology Meeting, organized by Fabian Hebestreit and Markus Land, and hopefully becoming a tradition as the NRW topology meeting which by now had its 28th recurrent. Main event of the meeting were the lectures of Oscar Randal-Williams from Oxford, who discussed work on the cohomology of the mapping … Continue reading "Bavarian Geometry/Topology Meeting"

Séminare Bourbaki: Convex-cocompactness in higher rank

Today, there was the Séminaire Bourbaki, which takes place every four months in Paris. The list of the talks can be found here. Interesting from the point of view „Geometry at Infinity“ was especially the talk of Olivier Guichard regarding work of Kapovich-Leeb-Porti and Labourie on convex-cocompact groups in higher rank symmetric spaces: Another talk … Continue reading "Séminare Bourbaki: Convex-cocompactness in higher rank"