Freiraum 2023

Letztens wurden die Projekt verkündet, welche bei Freiraum 2023 gefördert werden. Im Rahmen von Freiraum können Mittel für die Verwirklichung von Projekten in der Lehre beantragt werden, und ich hatte mich diesmal gefragt, ob es etwas spannendes aus der (reinen) Mathematik darunter gibt. Da es keine Auflistung nach Fächern gibt, arbeitete ich mich durch die … Continue reading "Freiraum 2023"

2024 Breakthrough Prize in Mathematics

The 2024 Breakthrough Prize in Mathematics goes to Simon Brendle for transformative contributions to differential geometry, including sharp geometric inequalities, many results on Ricci flow and mean curvature flow and the Lawson conjecture on minimal tori in the 3-sphere. The 2024 New Horizons in Mathematics Prize goes to Roland Bauerschmidt for outstanding contributions to probability … Continue reading "2024 Breakthrough Prize in Mathematics"

Shaw Prize 2023 in Mathematical Sciences

The Shaw Prize this year is awarded to Vladimir Drinfeld and Shing-Tung Yau for their contributions related to mathematical physics, to arithmetic geometry, to differential geometry and to Kähler geometry. More information can be found here: link.

Abel Prize 2023

The Able Prize 2023 is awarded to Luis A. Caffarelli for his seminal contributions to regularity theory for nonlinear partial differential equations including free-boundary problems and the Monge–Ampère equation.

Computer assisted verification of contemporary mathematics

Half a year ago Steffen Kionke wrote a blog post on condensed mathematics wherein he mentioned that Peter Scholze put up a challenge to formally verify a key fundamental result of a joint paper with Clausen: a result Scholze terms his most important theorem to date. Today I want to inform you that the mentioned … Continue reading "Computer assisted verification of contemporary mathematics"