All triangulations have a common stellar subdivision

Already in April a paper was put on the arXiv (2404.05930) by Karim Adiprasito and Igor Pak proving the following result: Every two triangulations of a geometric complex in Euclidean space have a common stellar subdivision. At first I was a bit confused, because my mind connected this to the Hauptvermutung, which was disproven a … Continue reading "All triangulations have a common stellar subdivision"

Rationalized stable homotopy groups of spheres

Computing the stable homotopy groups of spheres \(\pi_*^s\) is a major problem in stable homotopy theory. In chromatic homotopy theory one studies, for every prime \(p\), a tower \[\cdots \to L_n\mathcal{S} \to \cdots \to L_1\mathcal{S} \to \mathcal{S}_\mathbb{Q}\] over the rational sphere spectrum \(\mathcal{S}_\mathbb{Q}\) whose homotopy limit is the \(p\)-localization \(\mathcal{S}_{(p)}\) of the sphere spectrum. Since … Continue reading "Rationalized stable homotopy groups of spheres"

Non-trivial units of complex group rings

One of most important mathematical results from 2021 was Gardam’s refutation of the unit conjecture (blog post): He constructed the first non-trivial unit in a group ring. The coefficients of the group ring of the first counter-example were \(\mathbb{F}_2\), and for three years the question whether one can generalize his idea to get counter-examples in … Continue reading "Non-trivial units of complex group rings"