A deformation of instanton homology for webs

The four color theorem from graph theory is certainly the most famous problem for which so far only a brute force computational proof exists. A new preprint of Kronheimer-Mrowka supports an approach towards this theorem via homology theories. Kronheimer. Mrowka: A deformation of instanton homology for webs, https://arxiv.org/pdf/1710.05002.pdf The four color theorem says that every … Continue reading "A deformation of instanton homology for webs"

Zimmer’s conjecture for actions of SL(m,Z)

Zimmer’s conjecture aims to extend Margulis’ superrigidity theorem to a nonlinear setting. Except for actions on the circle there has not been much progress in the last 35 years. A new preprint of Brown-Fisher-Hurtado and its predecessor are now settling the conjecture for finite index subgroups of \(SL(n,{\mathbb Z})\) and cocompact lattices in \(SL(n,{\mathbb R})\). … Continue reading "Zimmer’s conjecture for actions of SL(m,Z)"

Quasiconvexity and Dehn filling

One of the most important theorems in 3-manifolds topology is Agol’s Theorem asserting that every closed 3-manifold is virtually fibered and in particular virtually Haken. Agol proved this theorem in early 2012 for closed hyperbolic manifolds. The general (closed) case reduces to hyperbolic manifolds via geometrization. The case of cusped hyperbolic manifolds was left open … Continue reading "Quasiconvexity and Dehn filling"

A rank-one CAT(0) group is determined by its Morse boundary

In this series we will introduce and discuss new preprints that are somehow related to the topics of the programme “Geometry at Infinity”. By incidence, this first article fits not only the topic, but also the title of this blog: the boundary at infinity. Charney, Murray: A rank-one CAT(0) group is determined by its Morse … Continue reading "A rank-one CAT(0) group is determined by its Morse boundary"