Computer assisted verification of contemporary mathematics

Half a year ago Steffen Kionke wrote a blog post on condensed mathematics wherein he mentioned that Peter Scholze put up a challenge to formally verify a key fundamental result of a joint paper with Clausen: a result Scholze terms his most important theorem to date. Today I want to inform you that the mentioned … Continue reading "Computer assisted verification of contemporary mathematics"

Topological complexity

Rummaging in the arXiv I ran across this article and the notion of topological complexity which is really appealing. The idea of topological complexity isn’t quite new, it was developed by M. Farber in a short article published in 2003 in Discrete & Computational Geometry. The article doesn’t even have a proper review on MathSciNet, … Continue reading "Topological complexity"

The group of germs at infinity of line homeomorphisms

Recently, I learned that the group G∞ of germs at +∞ of orientation preserving homeomorphisms of the real line has two remarkable properites: it is simple and left-orderable. I thought it is maybe worth to share some background on left-orderability (and why this might be interesting). Let’s start with a definition: A group G is … Continue reading "The group of germs at infinity of line homeomorphisms"

Ergebnisse der Wissenschaftsbefragung

Gestern sind die Ergebnisse der DZHW-Wissenschaftsbefragung veröffentlicht worden. Die Wissenschaftsbefragung ist eine bundesweite repräsentative Trendstudie. [… Sie] versteht sich als langfristiges Barometer der Wissenschaft. Sie ist ein wichtiges Werkzeug zur Untersuchung der Arbeits- und Forschungsbedingungen an deutschen Universitäten und soll ein umfassendes Meinungsbild zur Lage und Entwicklung des deutschen Wissenschaftssystems liefern. Hier ist die Pressemeldung, … Continue reading "Ergebnisse der Wissenschaftsbefragung"