Impressions from the SPP Conference

Some pictures from the SPP Conference in April 2019 in Münster.

Let me start with a picture of the speaker of the SPP, Bernhard Hanke, explaining at the beginning of the conference the next steps leading to the second funding period of the SPP. (I unfortunately forgot to take a picture of Carsten Balleier from the DFG saying a few words at the beginning.)

Next a few pictures from some of the plenary talks.

A picture from a coffee break at the Schloßgarten Cafe.

The next is a picture of Grigori Avramidi quoting how Thurston explained to Sullivan what a horocycle is (you can read this story in the December 2015 issue of the Notices of the AMS – the Thurston memorial issue – on page 1329, link-to-pdf).

And last, two pictures from the Conference Dinner.