Two quite different prizes

In the last few weeks were two quite different prizes awarded, on which I want to report.

In March 14th, 2019, the L’Oréal-UNESCO For Women in Science International Awards (homepage, UNESCO webpagewikipedia) were presented to five women. One of the five laureates is Claire Voisin (wikipedia) who is “rewarded for her outstanding work in algebraic geometry. Her pioneering discoveries have allowed [mathematicians and scientists] to resolve fundamental questions on topology and Hodge structures of complex algebraic varieties.”

The other one is the Ars legendi-Fakultätenpreis Mathematik (webpage), which will be awarded to Robert Rockenfeller (homepage). Actually, since I’m quite interested in the art of teaching mathematics, I invited him next summer to Regensburg to our department colloquium to talk about what he did which earned him this prize; and I would actually recommend others to do the same – at least last year I was positively astonished by the talk (and what he did teaching-wise) by last-years laureate.